"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller

Name: Danielle Morrígan Ní Dhighe.

Surname Origin: My birth surname was Dee, an Irish surname whose primary Irish spellings are Ó Deághaidh for men and Ní Dheághaidh for women. I legally changed it to a variant spelling, Ní Dhighe (Ó Dighe is the masculine form), in 1997. Those variant spellings are found in County Cork and County Waterford, the counties in Ireland where my paternal grandfather's family was from.

Current Employer: unemployed, seeking a new career direction.

Previous Employers:
2008-2009: Wireless Data Services, Tier III Technician.
2006-2007: drugstore.com, Quality Assurance Specialist/Assistant Trainer.
2004-2006: drugstore.com, Customer Service Representative.
2001-2003: EarthLink, Senior Technician.
2000-2001: EarthLink, General Technician.
1994-2001: freelance web designer.
My motto: I work to live rather than live to work.

Gender/Sexual Orientation: Queer, or more precisely, I'm out as both a transsexual and a bisexual. I'm open about those aspects of my life because they're integral parts of who I am and it's a necessary form of activism to educate people. If one is silent, one is also invisible and marginalized. I don't hide who I am just because some people are prejudiced. The Hellen Keller quote above describes how I choose to live my life.

Health Issues: I have an inherited neuromuscular syndrome called malignant hyperthermia. Since having an attack when I was five years old, I've had long-term health issues, but I don't allow them to limit how I live my life.

Hobbies: Several of my hobbies are listed on their own pages. In addition, I enjoy traveling (I've been to thirty-eight US states, three Canadian provinces, and to Ireland three times) and watching the Seattle Seahawks football team.