"The philosophers have only interpreted the world...the point, however, is to change it." - Karl Marx

I'm a socialist in the Marxist tradition. Specifically, I'm a Councillist, believing that decentralized, democratic bodies are the ideal form of political and economic administration, and being opposed to party dictatorships.

A very basic definition of socialism would be a system where the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned and controlled democratically by the workers through their own institutions. Emphasis on democratically, as true socialism means the extension of democracy into all social spheres, not its reduction or elimination.

Marxism's continuing value as a tool of analysis is in providing a way of seeing through and critically assessing the economic power relations our society takes for granted, and in encouraging speculation about alternatives.

Political theorists who have influenced me include James Connolly, Daniel De Leon, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Marx & Frederick Engels, Paul Mattick, and Anton Pannekoek.

Socialism seems to run in my family. My paternal great-grandfather William Anthony Edward Dee was a socialist, as was my maternal great-great-grandmother Florence Ada Gatchell (née Kelley).

I also identify with a branch of feminism called transfeminism. The website of Emi Koyama, the author of The Transfeminist Manifesto (requires Adobe Acrobat to view), is particularly recommended to anyone interested in this.