My spirituality is best described as scientific pantheism, or the idea that the natural universe is both the ultimate reality and a source of awe and mystery. In the words of Giordano Bruno: "All things are in the universe, and the universe is in all things: we in it, and it in us."

An Introduction to Pantheism, Frequently Asked Questions about Pantheism, and Scientific Pantheism are good sources of information on what scientific pantheism is. Its focus on the natural universe is compatible with the materialism of my politics. I have no doubt that my political evolution influenced my spiritual evolution.

That spiritual evolution has included Protestantism, Atheism, Wicca, and Senistrognata (a modern religion based on the traditional spiritual practices of the Celtic peoples - I was the co-founder of IMBAS, an organisation for the promotion of Senistrognata) at various stages of my life. Nothing abrupt, no clear lines of demarcation between the different phases - just a steady course of evolution.

Despite no longer identifying as Senistrognata, the Celtic cultures, both ancient and modern, remain an interest of mine.

Two figures of divinity that hold a particular interest for me are An Mhorrígan, an Irish goddess of battle and sovereignty; and Loki, a Norse trickster figure.

A religious text I find particularly fascinating is The Thunder, Perfect Mind, a Gnostic Christian text exploring the divine feminine in all of her many guises.